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Abbeywell Court Testimonials

My dear wife was admitted as a resident in January this year needing 24 hour care. During the 10 months there she received total care and love. The staff, from management down, gave her the love and care which she needed at all times and my wife knew this. In late October she suffered a massive stroke and never regained consciousness. She was in a palliative state and all staff looked after her with the dignity she deserved. My family cannot praise the staff enough for their kindness.

We chose Abbeywell Court after visiting this and other care homes and based our decision on the welcoming atmosphere that was not present at other care homes and also because of the quality and wider range of knowledge the staff at Abbeywell Court have compared to other care homes where staff are too specialised in one area of care. Also at Abbeywell Court the staff are always around where the residents are and there are plenty of staff at all times. The staff are always willing to talk to residents and visitors. Staff are professional and friendly yet atmosphere remains relaxed at Abbeywell Court. Variety of activities is available.

I visited the home several times each week, and was always made welcome. The home has a good family atmosphere. All the residents appear happy and well cared for. I have often visited at meal times and the meals always looked like good nourishing food. I feel pleased that my friend was able to spend the last few months of her life in the lovely home.

My mum could not have been looked after any better if she had been in a 5 star hotel. We were always made very welcome no matter what time we went we always found her to be very well looked after even on days we were not expected to visit and a member of the family or a friend to meet up, mum always looked well cared for and comfortable, mum had to have her food liquidized due to her condition, nothing was ever too much trouble.

The home provides outstanding care for my brother-in-law. Good management was evident throughout. The staff are well trained and motivated and deliver loving care, in some cases over and above the call of duty. It was a great comfort to know our relative was in such good hands.

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