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Welcome to Littleport Grange

My name is Kathryn McGuirk and I have recently been appointed as the manager of The Grange, previously I was registered as the manager of Lily House in Ely and I have been managing care homes since 2001. I ensure that all prospective residents are welcomed for a visit to the home and are assessed by me personally and the transition into the home is then overseen by me as well as the care team. We endeavour to create a personalised plan of introduction into the home then a tailor-made program of activity and stimulation for each resident.

As a new project here at the Grange I have been lucky enough to employ a staff team that I have worked with for some time, each staff member being highly qualified and dedicated to caring for people in their later life.

Littleport Grange is a period residence set within beautiful gardens. Built by Canon Edward Sparke in 1855 the Grange has also served as the convalescent home for the Transport and General Workers Union in the 1930’s, The Grange still retains some of its original Victorian features and extensive work has been completed recently to restore many of these.

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