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We (my brothers and I) were reluctant to place our mother in a care home, but circumstances beyond our control helped us make the decision. The reason why we are so happy with "Three Elms" is because mum never complains, always happy when we see her and is never upset when we leave. She loves the food and if ever they have anything to tell us, they telephone straight away. Our mother has dementia and has been in "Three Elms" since February 2011. She is 91 and other than memory ok. We can only recommend this care home from our own experiences. We have been to visit all times, different days and everything is spot on.

To L and all of the staff and carers at Three Elms residential home. Thanks you for the compassionate care and kindness provided to LW during her years with you. You provided a caring and loving environment for which we the family will always be grateful. D, D & the family

Message from Care Assessor
Dear All. I will be moving on to a new company and therefore will not be assessing at Three Elms again. I wish to thank everyone for all your kindness, hospitality, help and support shown at every visit. You all should be proud of the standard of care that is delivered at Three Elms. I visit quite a lot of care homes and in my opinion, yours is the best...the level of care and support I have witnessed is excellent, never mind the quality of the food, which again is the best I have seen and tasted! It’s nice to know these things and you should all be proud. I wish you all the best for the future, with special thanks to K, P and L and all the learners.. Kind regards J

My mother KD has resided at Three Elms for the past 18th months. During this period family members have generally been happy with the care provided, but with the opinion that there was plenty of room for improvement. In recent months, since Lindsey was appointed manager of Three Elms a range of improvements have been very noticeable and both myself and other family members are delighted with the way Three Elms is currently being managed. In particular, the standards of hygiene and cleanliness have improved significantly and as a visitor there seems to be a consistently strong sense of orderliness and calmness around the place.  The staff seem happier and clearer about their roles and are only too happy to assist where required. Additionally, Lindsey responds positively to ideas and recommendations from both residents and visitors.  She is a true team player and I am sure her efforts will help Three Elms to grow from strength to strength. ME

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