Residential Care Homes

Going into a care home might feel like a last-resort situation and the idea of being looked after can be off-putting for many who have enjoyed and thrived in their independence. However, rather than approaching having to go into a care home as an unexpected curveball that’s been thrown at you, at Minster Care Group, we encourage you to look at entering our residential care homes as a well-deserved break. Life in our residential care homes take on a new meaning, one in which our residents do not have to lose their independence, all whilst enjoying bespoke care and forming meaningful new relationships.

Minster Care Group homes provide personalised care for all our residents, whilst giving individuals the freedom to decide how they are cared for. From personalising your individual rooms, to picking your meals for the day and choosing from our list of person-centred activities, service users at our residential care homes take the wheel, with the support and care provided by our trained, caring staff.

For more information on Minster Care Group’s residential care homes, have a look at our full care home listing: